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A Guide on what to look for in a Jeep Gladiator Camping Tent for New Campers!

Camping is one of the most refreshing outdoor activities that connect you with both nature and your loved ones. All it takes to go for it is a little courage to get out of your comfort zone and a little preparation in terms of what you are going to need for it. The first thing that comes to mind for a beginner is a tenting camp.

The selection of the tent is undoubtedly very important as it is going to give you your little abode in the wilderness. There are so many of them in the market and you are puzzled about which one to buy. Here we will guide you as to what qualities you should look for in a camping tent.

First and foremost, you must be clear about where are you going to set up the tent. You can have various options such as the bed of your jeep gladiator or on the ground nearby your parked vehicle. The choice is dictated by the size of the group, comfort of the campers, safety at the campsite, and condition of the ground plus weather. In case of a larger group, dry and solid ground conditions, safer campsite surroundings, and a more comfortable experience, a tent should be pitched on the ground nearby your vehicle. On the contrary, if the group is small with damp ground conditions and a rather less safe site, it is better that you erect the tent at the bed of your jeep gladiator.

Next, what qualities qualify as the benchmark for a good camping tent? Firstly, the tent material should be thick enough and of such quality that it offers good protection against windy dust, rainwater, and sunlight exposure. Mostly, nylon and polyester are used for making the tent. Cotton tents though offer better ventilation but don’t guard against rainfall and are heavier. Moreover, the design of the tent should be such that it offers a large interior for a spacious staying experience.

The pole's material should be such that it gives strong support to the overall tent. Usually, fiberglass and aluminum poles are used with the former being resistant to corrosion and safe during thunderstorms as they don’t conduct electricity and the latter providing more strength, especially against strong winds, and are light in weight. Fiberglass poles are better in-car camping tents for mild weather.

The other things to look for include meshed windows for proper ventilation, so that you can enjoy a breezy yet safe-from-insects experience. If the tent provides you with floor coverage, it will be an added advantage as this keeps you clean and away from dust. Personalized designs that may include purposely-tailored pockets inside the tent to keep small items, such as mobile phones, torches, etc., are an amazing addition. Overall, a good tent selection and research before the purchase will give you a great camping experience. Check out Crawlertec’s tent that checks all these criteria.