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The 4 Best LED Headlights for Jeep Wrangler You Must Go For!

Thinking to go for some powerful yet fancy lights for your Jeep? Enhance your off-road adventurous trip after replacing the old halogen lamps with these latest bright LED headlights. In this article we present the 4 best Crawlertec LED Headlights options for your jeep, check these out here. 

LED Headlights with RGB Halo Angel Eye for 1997-Later Jeep Wrangler: These are powerful high-intensity LED headlights that serve multi-purposes. The Halo Angel eyes are DRL lights and remote or APP controllable, they are compatible with both iPhone and Android. There are amazing options to choose from such as 16 million colors with music mode, brightness adjustment, timing, and flashing function. These lights are highly water-resistant, durable, and easy to install and offer 3000 Lumens for low beam and 4800 for high beam. One plus is that a CAN Bus adapter is there along with an integrated cooling system. Now, enjoy an amazing road trip with the perfect fancy headlights for your jeep!

Beast Series LED Halo Headlights with DRL and Sequential Turn Signal Lights For 1997-Later Jeep Wrangler: They are a beast because of the three halo rings for DRL purposes. They also have amber-colored turn signal lights for a more noticeable indication and a safer driving experience. They offer very high illumination i.e. 7000 Lumens for high beam and 3000 for low beam. They feature a PMMA lens hence better road visibility and less risk of abrasion. They are quite easy to install and include the Can bus adapter. Features such as waterproof, good life span, and Aluminum heat sink body make these lights a must-go for all jeep lovers!

Newest Star Style 9 Inch RGB LED Headlights with Amber Turn Signals For 2018-Later Jeep Wrangler JL And Gladiator JT: These are the latest trendy LED Headlights. Halo Angel Eyes offer extreme customization settings such as 16 million color options and 155 dynamic modes to choose from. Amber color turn signals make the indication more visible and give a safer driving experience.  They also come with a spring hence you can adjust the height of the lights as per your vehicle’s needs. The illumination is very powerful with the high beam being 12000 Lumens and the low beam 1000. Highly resistant to ingression and shock and easily installable with a bigger size i.e. 9” make these lights very appealing for all jeep enthusiasts.

Dynamic Colorshift 7'' RGB Headlights for Jeep Wrangler: The 3D LED headlights to offer such a great range of options to choose from. They are durable, easily installable, highly customizable, and app-controllable with 16 million colors, 155 dynamics, and 15 scenes modes. The colors can be dynamically set. They have very high light intensity i.e. low beam: of 8000 Lumens and a high beam of 9000 Lumens. This option offers a completely exciting package for you!