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5 Reasons to Spend on the Spare Tire Cover

If you are a jeep enthusiast, your reason to buy and use a cover for your spare tire can root from different perspectives. It can be your consideration for protection against elements or your tendency to keep the tire safe from any thefts or maybe you just want to add some style to your vehicle. There can be numerous reasons to spend on covers.

Protection Against UV and Elements: Firstly, you might want to invest in a good spare tire cover for the only reason to protect it against UV rays and other elements such as dust, dirt, and water. Spare tires, unlike the active tires, are not used much hence their rubber can become brittle and can develop cracks in the sidewalls. If a person keeps changing an active tire with a spare one, this problem will not arise but since most jeep owners don’t have this practice, the chances of the spare tire becoming useless over time are more. Hence, buying a cover to protect against weather conditions should be of high importance for jeep owners. 


Easy to Maintain: The different jeep accessories you have bought for your vehicle require high maintenance but a tire cover is a low maintenance. It is easy to put on by simply pulling it on the tire. If it gets dirty, it can be cleaned after removal. Washing it every few weeks is recommended to make it going for longer periods. 

Protection Against Theft: There are two kinds of covers available in the market. One is a hard-core tire cover that has a locking system in place. The other type is made of soft material that has a cable lock. With either of these types, the probability of your spare tire being stolen becomes low. Hence it provides security to your expensive spare tire. Investing in a cover is trivial but can keep the attention of the potential thief away from it by concealing it nicely. Also, the added time to bypass the locking system or cut the cable will keep away anyone looking to take off the tire quickly. 

Customized Look: If you are a passionate jeep owner who loves to add customized looks to your jeep, a tire cover can do just that but with more prominence. You have several options for customizing the cover. For instance, you can choose the cover material as per your desire or requirements. These can come in denim or vinyl materials. Also, it can be a hard-core type of soft material. It can even have a transparent center section to give a peek of your tire for a more rugged vehicle appearance. The choice is all yours. 

Style Statement: These covers can add to your jeep’s style statement by bringing in unique designs and colors. Even a logo on the cover of things you love can make your vehicle stand out.

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