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7 Safety Tips for Solo Camping

Camping has a different meaning to different people. Some associate it with great family time while others think of it as a great opportunity to spend some quality alone time with nature. While safety concerns exist in both cases whether camping alone or with a group, more caution is required for solo camping. In this blog, we are going to share with you these safety tips one by one!

Share Your Whereabouts: This is a must. Share your current location with somebody be it a colleague, friend, or family member. Whichever new place you make a move to, do share your whereabouts with the people. It may not necessarily be a group of people, even sharing with a single person would do the deed. 

Pack a First-Aid Kit: Meeting an incident anywhere has its chances as much as on your camping journey. To be better prepared for such a situation that may involve encountering minor injuries or bruises, do keep a first aid kit with you that should have bandages, essential medications, insect repellants, etc. 

Choose A Familiar Campsite: Pitching your tent in the total wilderness may cause you unnecessary anxiety. Hence, choose a campsite that you are well-acquainted with and that is not too far away especially if you are first-time solo camping. It will be a great idea to set up a jeep tent as you will have better access to your belongings. For this, you can check out the jeep gladiator tent by Crawlertec!

Hone Your Camping skills: Before setting out on your solo camping adventure, it is advised to practice a few important camping skills such as starting a fire, pitching a tent alone, cleaning water using a portable filter, dealing with injuries, and practicing navigation. Once you have done the practice before your trip, now you will be more confident about making this journey. 

Secure Your Valuables: Camping ethics entail respecting others’ privacy and their private space which is their tent. Hence, ethically nobody should enter another person or group’s tent, however some people astray always. Therefore, while camping alone, you should keep your valuables either locked in your vehicle if you are car camping or carry it with yourself. 

Keep The Fire Out of Your Tent: This is very important since a slight flicker or spark from the fire can be caught up by your tent and can start a full fire. Also, don’t take burning lanterns inside your tent. If you are cabin camping it is best to keep your exhaust pipe of the running vehicle higher during snowfall. This way, carbon mono-oxide won’t accumulate inside the tent which can become deadly.