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Upgrade Your Jeep Bumpers for these 5 Reasons!

A bumper upgrade is what most jeep enthusiasts move toward right after owning a Jeep Wrangler, the reason being the factory-provided bumpers don’t fully protect the front and rear end. Hence, for on and off-road adventures where you are likely to run into obstacles, bumper protection is very important, especially on a rocky journey. We are going to mention five important reasons you must consider for your bumper up-gradation.




Shield: First and foremost, a shield or protection is what jeep lovers seek during their adventures off-road where you might encounter a clash with some obstacle such as big rocks, trees, or ground. Despite trying to avoid it, it’s very likely to get your vehicle harmed. Hence, opting to invest in a right-sized bumper is a great idea. It will give your jeep appropriate rear- and front-end coverage and you will not have to worry about harming your jeep during your driving on a rough pathway.

Mounting accessories: Aftermarket bumpers come with very nice mounting options for various accessories. These can include options to connect a winch, auxiliary lights, spare tires, D-ring shackles, hi-lift jacks, and front/ rear end number plates. In case your vehicle gets stuck at some point or gets in an unfortunate accident, the option to connect a winch to it and get it out of that situation will be very helpful. You can even tow your jeep via these options.

Shackle Recovery Points: A very appealing thing to consider while making a jeep bumper upgrade. Most jeep bumpers come with points on every corner where you can attach a D-ring/ shackles and move your vehicle out of that situation, just like mentioned earlier. You won’t have to look for one particular towing point when you will have so many options to choose from. Easily strap your vehicle and tow it away from the unfortunate scenario.

Improved Tire Clearance: The factory-provided bumpers often don’t provide sufficient tire clearance especially if you have installed bigger-sized tires. Hence, an upgraded version of bumpers will allow jeep tires to maneuver with ease. A medium-sized bumper is better for every scenario as it provides both protection and tire clearance. Large sized-bumpers offer better protection but lesser tire clearance. Smaller bumpers provide tire clearance but lesser protection.

Class of Vehicle: Jeep bumpers are the most noticeable aspect of a jeep wrangler hence invest in them to add both class and value to your vehicle. There are many different kinds of bumper styles that you can choose from, but keep your requirements in mind before making any purchases. You can customize the look as much as you want such as choosing the color, options for winch, lights, grille guards, etc. These customizations are an exciting part of a jeep lover’s life. You may even opt for a modification in the design later if your taste changes. Check out amazing jeep bumpers offered by Crawlertec.