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Want to Know 4 Common Types of Jeep Bumpers? Read On!

Jeep bumpers come with so many options to choose from. It can be overwhelming for you to select one so it’s better to get to know the details of the four most common jeep bumpers first. We will highlight the pros and cons of each type in this article.

Full-Width Wrangler Bumpers: The factory bumpers for both rear and front sides are called full-length because they expand over the entire rear and front areas, respectively. Because of their expanse, they weigh higher. This type offers the most protection against brushes with branches and bushes that may puncture your tires and cause scratches to your vehicle’s body. They also come with winching plates or D-rings for jeep recovery and cut-outs for fog lights. Some after-market full-length bumpers, despite their length, offer better clearances and approach angles. Because of the added steel in these bumpers, they cost the most. 

Tubular Wrangler Bumpers: This type adds a great style to your vehicle, especially giving retro look from the 80s. They are full width from the front and even bend a little at the corners to give protection to the wheels. They also come with plates to house winch which offers an advantage during off-roading but since the tubes are hollow, hence they don’t offer much strength. However, it can keep the vehicle safe from minor bruises. Also, the end caps should be welded else water may accumulate inside the tubes and may cause premature rusting. They are light in weight and are good for mild rugged terrains. They are also not very expensive.

Mid-Width Wrangler Bumpers: As the name suggests, mid-width bumpers do not span the whole length of the jeep front or rear. Their design aims to achieve the same level of protection as the full-length with lighter weight and better clearance for wheel maneuvering. Because of their lightweight, they are easy on the pocket as well. They are great for off-road terrains and provide better approach and departure angles. It’s a great middle option as it costs less and still provides good protection and better clearance. However, the only con is the exposed area near the wheels’ top of the jeep.

Stubby Wrangler Bumpers: This type is one of the most popular among the jeep owners because of the wide options of designs and greater off-road angles. They are also great in terms of offering more options to house the accessories such as lights, winches, armor, or even storage of items. They are highly customizable and do not even need permanent modifications to your vehicle. Also, they are the best option if you intend to go for a rugged off-road adventure since they offer the best clearance and departure angles. Also, they are lightest in weight and hence the least expensive of all the options. Since they are just horizontal plates, so don’t offer any real protection. Check out the amazing bumper options by Crawlertec!